“Who made my jewelry”

Join the fashion revolution week and read about who makes and how we make our jewelry!

There are many hands laid on the jewelry before you as a customer can put it on.

First there is an idea, often born in the designers head. Sometimes sketched up on a paper and sometimes just happened to arise by accident or when Working on a piece of silver.

The prototype can either, as we explained above arise when woking on a piece in the studio or drawn in a 3d program and then printed in a 3d printer as a wax model. If the prototype is made by hand in silver we send it to our casting company in Germany who makes a mould from the prototype.

When you have the mould you put wax in the mould for it to stiffen. When the wax prototype is worked on, they put it on a wax tree and then pour plaster on it. The plaster container is put in an oven for the wax to melt.

There will be a hollowness to pour melted silver or whatever metal you wish.

With this technique you can make as many as you wish of the same form you like. After being casted by “kalman Hafner” in Germany, the jewelry is sent to Stockholm to be finished by Sofia in her Studio.

We only work with companies that uses refined materials and no mining material. So yes! All recycled

Thank you for listening! Down below you can see a few pictures from “Kalman Hafner Casting company in Germany”.