Collection ICICLED

To mix recycling with creating something new in the same moment.

We got the idea to make these earrings from melted silver that stiffens into different original spontaneous shapes when it is thrown in to a casting sling during another production.
When the melted silver is thrown into the container, the residual silver splashed outside the container to solidify.
Usually when this happens, you collect this and save for to melt into new pieces. We chose to save these to create earrings in what became a fusion between organic industrial shapes.
They have a naturally flowing and curving appearance with an organic, graphic, geometric element in its final rigid shapes as “icicles”.
The “spinner-ring” though, is made from a sketch and not from spontaneous melting. It´s soft outer movable ring and the stable angular inner ring symbolizes a closed circle but also a step forward in holpps holistic expression. A nice landing in idiom, sustainability and the gender-neutral approach.

The collection is ready to order. Please note that delivery of the earrings is from 1st of sep, and the spinner ring has approx 5 weeks delivery time.

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